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"85 Degrees"
Average Temperature

"82 Degrees"
Average Water Temperature

Average number of spectacular sunsets at Rum Point Beach in a week

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Cayman Kai Vacation Rentals

Specializing in offering
Villa's & Condominiums
Vacation Rentals in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point
and North Side area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Information after Reservations
Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Things To Know When Coming To The Cayman Islands


Tourist Information Booth
Stop and pick up magazines

The Cayman Islands continually aims to ensure that visitors to our shores are able to proceed through customs and immigration in an efficient and hassle free manner. Visitors that deplane in Grand Cayman are welcomed by the sweet sound of live music as they proceed into the arrivals lounge. Professional immigration and custom service agents process visitor documentation and get you on your way to enjoy your Vacation. In order to ensure that you have a hassle free experience when passing through our borders, please have the following items prepared and available to the agent, a completed Tourist Identification Card (will be provided by airline staff), proof of identification (please see criteria below), and a completed Customs declaration card. Once you proceed past the immigration area, please take the opportunity to visit our visitor information booth located in the baggage area of the arrivals lounge.


ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: All Americans traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter or re-enter the United States. 

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Ready, Set... Go!
Are you a U.S. Citizen planning a trip that will take you outside the United States?
Travel document requirements are changing!
Find out what documents are required and how to get them.

3-1-1 for Carry-ons

Priority Passports US Passport Service Expediting

Companies that process US Passports and Visas in 24 Hours
for individuals, corporations and travel agents.

-Immigration Information- you will have to complete an immigration form on the airlines (airlines will supply) showing where you will be staying while you are on Grand Cayman and when you go through immigrations at the airport you also will have to tell them that you will be staying.

-What you can bring into the Cayman Island-

Arriving visitors may bring in duty-free any personal items for use while on vacation. In addition, visitors 18 and older can bring in duty-free either one liter of alcohol, four liters of wine or one case of beer (not exceeding eight liters) and 200 cigarettes, or 25 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. Don't be confused by the Customs forms which states that returning residents are allowed CI$300 worth of goods duty free. This privilege does not apply to visitors. Remember that any gifts you are bringing into Cayman may also be subject to duty. Books and camera equipment are always allowed as duty free items.

Don't Attempt To Bring In:
Importing or possession of any kind of illegal drugs including marijuana (ganja) is strictly prohibited by law and violators face arrest and prosecution by local authorities.

Also prohibited are:
Firearms of any kind.
Spear guns (or pole spears or Hawaiian slings).
Live plants and plant cuttings; raw fruits and vegetables are also restricted because they may carry diseases or shelter harmful insect pests.

If you have questions about any item, contact the Collector of Customs, (345) 949-2473.

When You Leave Cayman:
Visitors from the US should be aware that products made from farmed green sea turtles available in limited selections at the Cayman Turtle Farm Ltd. are offered for local consumption. The importation of genuine sea turtle products is strictly prohibited by any countries, which have signed the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (1978) including the USA, Canada and UK. In addition, US Customs prohibits the transshipment of turtle products through the US. Any products discovered will be confiscated.

Plants and Animals:
You will not be allowed to bring back any plants or plant seeds, vegetables or fruits unless you have official permits from US Customs. Otherwise, these will be confiscated by Customs at US gateways.

Airlines, Car Rentals & Other Transportation
(Click on picture below for more detail information)

Gas Prices on Grand Cayman by Location

Click on the link below for
Click on Go to Google Maps Home to see our new Interactive Maps
(You'll need the following Program to view map) Get Adobe Reader

Activities, Water Sports, Grocery, Restaurants
(You'll need the following Program to view and print) Get Adobe Reader

grand cayman map of restaurants

Water Sports

grand cayman map of restaurants

Grocery Stores

grand cayman map of restaurants

Restaurants & Bars

grand cayman map of restaurants

As soon as you arrive in the Cayman Islands pick up a copy of Cayman Activity Guide magazine. This is the ONLY magazine you will need. Maps, discounts, coupons, restaurants, attractions, water sports, tours, diving and absolutely every bit of information, specials and discounts you could possibly require, all in a handy pocket-sized format - Activity Guide is available everywhere, and it's FREE!


Empty Suitcases Rentals

Cayman Islands Vacation Rental Equipment

Cayman's first and only travel necessity rental company. From binoculars to strollers, kayaks, sailboats and everything in between we have just what you need to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Mailing Address: P.O. 181 West Bay
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI
Courier Address: 51 Commercial Ave.
Industrial Park, George Town
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI
Attn: Chet or Lisa Ebanks
Ph: 1-345-527-9638 or 1-345-916-0318
Toll Free: 1-866-978-5908
Fax: 1-345-946-0327
E-mail: rentit@emptysuitcases.com

Online Brochures

Please find below a number of informative,
full-color, hi-res brochures about relaxing, diving and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands.

Click on the PDF graphic symbol beside the file of your choice to view. Depending upon how you have your browser and computer set up, you may be asked to download the file to your computer or the file may open automatically in a new browser window.
(You'll need the following Program to view) Get Adobe Reader
General Information Brochures
The Path to Relaxation 6.1MB
Diving Brochures
Cayman Islands Dive Guide 5.4MB
Cayman Islands Dive Brochure 137k
Snorkeling Brochures
Cayman Islands Snorkeling Guide 3.9MB
Cayman Islands Snorkeling Brochure 130k

  • Food Services

    Please note that all Island supermarkets are closed on Sunday.

    Hurley's is located in Grand Harbor and you will pass it as you drive to the North Side.

    Fosters Food Fair


    Click to download map - Foster Food Locations
    (You'll need the following Program to view and print) Get Adobe Reader

    Foster's Airport Store

    Airport Center

    63 Dorcy Drive (George Town) SUPERMARKET: 949-5155 Pharmacy: 949-0505
    Store Manager: Gregg Mitchell
    Mon - Sat 7am - 11pm
    Pharmacy Hours:
    Mon - Sat 7am - 10pm

    Countryside Store

    Countryside Shopping Village

    33 Hirst Rd (Savannah)
    SUPERMARKET: 943-5155
    Store Manager: Averille Bodden
    Mon - Sat 7am - 11pm
    Morritt's Store Store

    Morritt's Shopping Centre - East End

    2206 Queens Hwy
    (Express Store, East End) SUPERMARKET: 947-2826
    Store Manager: Charlie Webster
    Mon - Thur 7am - 7pm
    Fri - Sat 7am - 9pm

    CHISHOLM'S- Convenience Store - located on Rum Point Drive. You will find most any of your essential items there. We suggest that you stop at Fosters Food Fair or Hurley's Market on the way out of the airport if you plan on doing extensive cooking for a week or so.

    NICHO NORTE LIQUOR - located in Old Man Bay, North Side.
    Has a large variety of wines, beers and  spirits available for pickup or delivery. 345-947-9666

    Importation on Cats and Dogs
    [Cuddles the Cat]Below are two PDF documents which cover the regulations with respect to cats and dogs entering the Cayman Islands. These documents are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available from  and were provided by the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture.

    Please read these documents carefully, as the requirements may be different from those of other countries. Failure to meet these requirements exactly will result in your pet being refused entry into the Cayman Islands. Your local veterinarian will be able to help you with the requirements.

    Importing Dogs and Cats Document  - Conditions governing the importation of cats and dogs into the Cayman Islands. Document includes application form. (5 pages)

    Resident Dogs and Cats Document  - Guidelines for traveling with local pets and pets resident in the Cayman Islands for at least six months. (3 pages)

    (You'll need the following Program to view) Get Adobe Reader

    Medical Services 

    The Cayman Islands has a variety of modern medical facilities on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, including government-operated hospitals on both islands. In addition, Cayman now has an efficient, island-wide 911 emergency service.

    Georgetown Hospital     Cayman Island Hospital
    The newly expanded and renovated George Town Hospital
    on Grand Cayman now has 128-beds and includes Maternity,
    Surgical, Medical and Pediatric units. Also available are
    physiotherapy, radiology and laboratory services; a dental clinic
    and eye clinic, and pharmacy. The Emergency Room is open
    24 hours with a physician on-site at all times. The facilities
    including 24-hour ambulance paramedic service, only a phone
    call away to 911 or 555 or direct at 949-8600. The hospital is affiliated with Baptist
    Hospital of Miami for patient referrals involving advanced care or treatment.
    • An emergency room
    • Ambulance paramedic service available 24 hours by calling 911 or 555
    • Physiotherapy, radiology and laboratory services
    • A dental clinic
    • Eye clinic
    • Pharmacy.  

    Decompression Chamber
    Divers should know that the George Town Hospital also has a two-man, double-lock decompression chamber staffed by trained operators and supervised by a physician experienced in hyperbaric medicine who is on-call 24 hours for treatment of diving-related accidents.

    Decompression ChamberMedivac services can be arranged quickly through Island Air at Owen Roberts International Airport. When necessary, a Lear Jet B-20 is available for transportation to US facilities


    PO Box 273GT
    Grand Cayman
    Cayman Islands, B. W. I.
    Telephone (345) 949 6066
    Fax (345) 945 1695    

    The team of Physicians offers appointments for specialist care in the following Out Patient Clinics:

    Family Medicine • General Surgery • Gastroenterology • Orthopedics'
    Psychiatry • Pediatrics • Dermatology • Cardiology • Ear, Nose & Throat
    HRT & Menopause • Urology • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    The Clinic hours are:

    Monday to Friday - 8 am to 8 pm
    Saturday - 9 am to 4 pm
    Sunday - 10 am to 3 pm

    Private Medical
    Chrissie Tomlinson Private HospitalThere are two private medical centers on Grand Cayman, Professional Medical Centre (345-949-6066) and Cayman Medical and Surgical Centre (345-949-8150), which also has a 24-hour physician-referral hotline for medical advice. Each center is staffed by resident medical practitioners and receives regular visits by a variety of medical specialists. In addition, there are a number of doctors representing a variety of specialties practicing in the Cayman Islands, most of them on Grand Cayman. They are listed in the local telephone directory.

    Dica Brown Memorial Health Center - is located on the North Side across the street from the North Side Post Office approximately 6 to 7 miles from Cayman Kai. Hours are M-F from 8:30 to 4, Sat from 8:30 to Noon.


    In addition to pharmacies at the Hospital and independent medical centers, there are four full-service pharmacies on Grand Cayman, open Monday to Saturday. Island Pharmacy in Westshore Centre and Health Care Pharmacy in PhotoPharm Plaza on Walkers Rd. are open from noon until 6 p.m. on Sunday.


    West Bay Rd, West Shore Centre, Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands · 345-949-8987

    One of four full-service pharmacies on Grand Cayman, Island Pharmacy is located near Seven Mile Beach in the Westshore Shopping Centre. Another location is in PhotoPharm Plaza.

    Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, Sun noon-6pm
    Payment Methods:
    Visa, Master Card, American Express

    Say Hello From Cayman

    Branches of the Philatelic Bureau are located in the Main post office in George Town and the Westshore branch on West Bay Rd. First Day covers and back issues of colorful Cayman Islands stamp issues are available by standing order for collectors and for sale at the counter to visitors seeking interesting souvenirs.

    In CI currency, the current postal rates are: Postcards: to the US: 20 cents; to the UK/ Europe, 25 cents. Letters: (per half ounce) to the US: 30 cents; to the UK/Europe, 40 cents. Greeting cards: to the US, 60 cents; to the UK/ Europe, 80 cents.

    During 1995 the Post Office added blue mail collection boxes at key points around Grand Cayman.

    Communications  & Utilities Services


    Area codes and detailed instructions for international calling are included in the first few pages of the Cayman Islands Telephone/Services Directory which is located in the Island House.

    "Card Phone service" is now available at select locations on all three islands. Pre-paid phone cards in values of CI$10, $15 and $30 can be purchased at the C&W main office in Anderson Square in George Town; at the Cayman Brac post office and most services stations.

    Internet connections for visitors: You can dial 976-4638 and connect at CI$0.12 per minute. No log on or password is required.

    Telephone & Wireless service providers in the Cayman Islands include Cable & Wireless, Digicel and AT&T. Service is available 24 hours a day. The area code is (345) followed by seven digits.
    All local calls free.
    All International Telephone calls can be billed to your Visa, MasterCard, and AE credit card.
    Long-distance access numbers include:
    AT&T USA DIRECT: 1-(800)872-2881

    US SPRINT 1-(888)366-4663
    Caymanbuzz - The independent phone directory of the Cayman Islands


    Electrical System

    Caribbean Utilities Company Caribbean Utilities Company

    Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd., known locally as "CUC", commenced operations as the only public electric utility in Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, in May 1966. CUC currently has an installed capacity of 115 megawatts (MW), and its employees are committed to providing a safe and reliable electricity supply to more than 19,000 customers. Electricity in the Cayman Islands is equivalent to standards used in North America. IE: 60 cycle and 110 voltage. For more information on Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd visit: www.cuc-cayman.com

    The Cayman Islands has six local radio stations: Government-owned Radio Cayman, which is heard throughout the three islands; Z-99 FM; Heaven 97 Christian radio; Vibe 98.9; Ocean 95.5 and ICCI-FM, based at the International College of the Cayman Islands and staffed by Journalism student volunteers.

    There are four local television stations: CITN (channel 27); CTS (24); CCTV, Cayman Christian Television and CATN/TV-30 Cayman Adventist Television Network. The government franchise granted to CITN and CTS also allows them to provide local wireless cable television service (WESTAR). However, CCTV is funded privately by local citizens, which relays 24-hours Christian programming from Trinity Broadcasting Network in Santa Ana, CA.

    In addition, there are many satellite television systems available in the Cayman Islands.

    Local videotape clubs, including three Blockbuster Video outlets, are popular in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac and visitors can arrange temporary accounts using major credit cards. Grand Cayman also boasts a new video club located in the Airport Shopping Centre "Reel Video".

    List of Churches:
      Church of England St Albans & St Mary's
    Tel: 345-949-2757 Fax: 345-949-0619
      Calvary Baptist Church (Independent)
    Tel: 345-949-0629 Fax: 345-945-6602
      Catholic Church St Ignatius
    Tel: 345-949-6797 Fax: 345-945-2594
      Catholic Church Christ The Redeemer
    Tel: 345-949-7390
      Cayman Islands Seventh Day Adventist
    Tel: 345-945-5279
      East End United Church, East End
    Tel: 345-947–7618 e-mail: eeunited@candw.ky
      Elmslie Memorial (Presbyterian/Congregational)
    Tel: 345-949-7923 Fax: 345-949-1723
      First Assembly of God
    Tel: 345-945-2182 Fax: 345-945-6633
      Gun Bay United Church, Gun Bay in East End
    Tel: 345-947-7618 e-mail: eeunited@candw.ky
      Jehovah's Witnesses
    Tel: 345-949-7114 or 345-946-1120
      John Gray Memorial United Church, West Bay
    Tel: 345-949-1378 e-mail: jgmc@candw.ky
      Lutheran Worship
    Services are held at the Holiday Inn each Sunday morning at 10 a.m.
    Lizel is the Holiday Inn contact person at 345-946-4433.
      Savannah United Church, Savannah
    Tel: 345-947-6071 e-mail: savunch@candw.ky
      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Tel: 345-947-8541
      Webster Memorial United Church, Bodden Town
    Tel: 345-947-3070 e-mail: btuc@candw.ky
      William Pouchie Memorial United Church, North Side
    Tel: 345-947-9456 e-mail: wpouchie@candw.ky
    Regional Tourism Offices

    Friendly TrafficDepartment of Tourism offices will be happy to assist you! Once you arrive, additional information can be obtained at the information booth at Owen Roberts international Airport and at the North Terminal cruise ship dock in George Town Harbour.

    Or, you can contact the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism headquarters at The Pavilion, Cricket Square, Elgin Avenue, George Town, P.O. Box 67 GT, Grand Cayman, BWI. Ph: (345) 949-0623 / Fax: (345) 949-4053. www.caymanislands.ky

    Would you like to learn more about the Cayman Islands right away or receive our colorful brochures? Our overseas offices will be happy to assist you.

    The Cayman Islands has six regional offices they are in the US, Canada, and UK.

    Doral Centre, 8300 NW 53rd Street, Suite 103 Miami, Florida 33166
    Ph: (305) 599-9033; Fax: (305) 599-3766

    New York
    3 Park Avenue, 39th Floor, New York, NY 10016.
    Ph: (212) 889-9009; Fax: (212) 889-9125

    Two Memorial City Plaza, 820 Gessner, Suite 1335, Houston, Texas 77024
    Tel: 713-461-1317; Fax: 713-461-7409

    One Lincoln Centre, 18W140 Butterfield Road, Suite 920, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181.
    Tel: 630-705-0650 Fax: 630-705-1383.

    234 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 306, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 1K5
    Tel: (416) 485-1550; Fax: (416) 485-7578
    In Canada: 1-800-263-5805

    In the UK and Europe:

    United Kingdom & Continental European Region
    6 Arlington Street, London, SW1 1RE
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7491-7771 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7409-7773



    Need more information or have questions


    Robert Wagner
    Phone Number (412) 828-2111

    Cayman Kai Vacation Rentals

    Specializing in offering
    Villa's & Condominiums
    Vacation Rentals in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point
    and North Side area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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    Caribbean Vacation Grand Cayman Villa's and Condominiums Rentals, Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands