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Island Houses-2BDRS"
Sweetie Kai #6
Kai Life #7
Kai Time #14
Kai Kotch#17
Seaside Dreams #20
Island Houses Reviews
"Kaibo Condo Phase II
Starfish Kai- 2 BBDRS
"The Pools"
Pool #3-2BDR
Pool #6-2 BDR
Pool #10-2BDR
Rum Point Club Resort
RPCR307- 1 Bedroom
RPCR205-2 Bedroom
RPCR207- 2 Bedrooms
RPCR208- 2 Bedrooms
RPCR304- 2 Bedroom
RPCR306-3 Bedroom
RPCR308 - 2 Bedroom
RPCR404- 2 Bedrooms
RPCR405 - 2 Bedroom
RPCR407-2 bedroom
RPCR 408 - 2 Bedroom
RPCR203 - 3 Bedroom
RPCR206- 3 Bedrooms
RPCP503PH- 3  Bedrooms
RPCR504PH -3 Bedrooms
RPCR501PH -4 Bedrooms
RPCR201-4 Bedroom
RPCR401 -4 Bedrooms
"Villas"- Cayman Kai
Kaibo Dreams-1 BDR
Well Sea - 2 BDS
Cayman Dream - 2 BDRS
Just for Fun - 3 BDRS
Finger Tip- 3 BDRS
Peace and Kai It -3 BDRS
Sea Cove -3 BDRS
Kai Zen - 3 BDRS
S'Kai Fail l - 3 BDRS
Kailypso 3 BDRS
Les Jalousies - 3 BDRS
Bit of Heaven - 3 BDRS
Kai-Yak Cove - 4 BDRS
Sea 2 Infinity -4 BDRS
Tarasand - 4 BDRS
Castaway Cove- 4 BDRS
White Dahlia- 4 BDRS
Great Escape - 4 BDRS
S'Kai Blue - 4 BDRS
Two Rainbows -5 BDRS
Kai Conut - 5 BDRS
Cos Kai -5 BDRS
Abita Ka - 5 BDRS
Crystal Waters - 6 BDRS
Hidden Cove - 6 BDRS
Paradis Sur Mer - 6 BDRS
Kai Kamina- 6 BDRS
Coconut Beach- 6 BDRS
Moon Kai - 6 BDRS
S"Kai Villas - 7 BDRS
Kempa- Kai -7 BDRS
Kaiku - 8 BDRS
Sun Rays - 8 BDRS
Villas- North/East End
Kai Tana- 2 BDRS
Thatch Hill- 2 BDRS
Reef Romance- 5 BRDS
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Do I need a Visa to enter the Cayman Islands? Visit our Info after Reservations Page
If you are American, British, Canadian, a citizen of another Commonwealth country or a national of any of the following you will not require a Visa:

Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Irish Republic, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Portugal, San Merino, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Venezuela.

Do I need a passport to enter the Cayman Islands?
Visit our Info after Reservations Page

You will need a valid passport and possibly a visa, or, if you are from the US, UK, Canada or any of the other Commonwealth countries an original birth certificate / proof of citizenship with current picture identification is sufficient. Please note that you are also required to have a return or ongoing ticket and that a Voter's Registration Card is no longer considered valid proof of US citizenship and is therefore not valid ID for re-entry into the US.

Can we bring meat in to the Cayman Islands?
Yes you can, though you may be charged duty if the amount is more than US$35, or if the quantity exceeds what H.M. Customs considers a reasonable amount for your personal consumption while in Cayman.

Meat and other cold cuts coming out of the US must have the USDA stamp of approval, preferably stored in the original supermarket packaging and it has to be inspected by a representative of the Department of Agriculture who is usually found in the Customs area of the Airport terminal.


How's the cost of living?
CI$1.00 equals US$1.25 or, the US dollar equals CI $.80. This rate may also vary on the company business doing the exchange. The US currency is acceptable and used on Grand Cayman. All establishments accept the US dollars.

What stores are available for shopping?
Our Capital district of George Town is one of the most attractive and polished shopping centers in the Caribbean. Here you will find not only the main duty free shops, but also a fine selection of more than 60 fine jewelry, specialty and souvenir shops. Featured names include: Tiffany & Co., John Hardy, Michael Dawkins, Hidalgo, Honora, Judith Jack, John Atencio, Sorrelli, Movado, Maurice Lacroix, Michele Watches, Fendi, Swarovski and Nao by Lladro, to name a few.

In addition to traditional duty free selections, varied and interesting shopping (from chic European fashions to outstanding local art), delights visitors in specialty stores in George Town, at hotel boutiques and in shopping plazas. These include:

Queens Court Mall, Seven Mile Shops, Westshore Plaza, Buckingham Square (near the Hyatt), Galleria Plaza, The Strand shopping mall and Cayman Falls Plaza (across from the Westin).

British Outpost, The Landmark Jewelers, Caribbean Jewelers, The Anchorage Centre, Diamonds Direct, Grand Switzerland, Churchill’s Cigar Store, Toucan Tango, De Sunglass Man, Hot Tropics, Cartier, Kirk Jewelers, Waterford Wedgwood Boutique, Fossil Boutique, Kirk Leather, Swatch Boutique, La Parfumerie, Bayshore Mall, Lalique Boutique, Jewel Trendz, Kirk Freeport, Far away Places and Koko Tok.

Local Caymanian products include shell jewelry; thatch work, wood carvings, Caymanian style birdhouses, crocheted items, pepper sauces, tropical fruit jams, honey, Caymanite (Cayman’s semi-precious stone) jewelry, sculpture and the Caribbean’s largest selection of antique and treasure coin jewelry.

There is also a variety of underwater photography services and an excellent selection of underwater photos and prints framed as art pieces. Visitors can also arrange for custom underwater videos and photographs of their diving and snorkeling experiences, which make a unique souvenir of a Cayman vacation.

What is the general price of a taxi?
Taxis usually run for $6.25 for the first mile and then $2.25 for each addition mile. If there is more than one destination in the route, the driver will also apply waiting time in the total fare. For tours, a taxi will normally cost about $37.50 per hour.

All you need to know about Stingray City Visit our Stingray City page
One of the most popular attractions in the Cayman Islands is the world famous Stingray City and Sandbar. Undoubtedly the most frequented attraction in Grand Cayman, it is currently the only place in the world where humans can interact with wild Southern stingrays in their natural environment.

Stingray City is actually a dive site off the North Sound of Grand Cayman, closely lined by a barrier reef. It is located next to one of the channels that boats have used for decades to come and go between the North Sound and the open sea. Here hosts of stingrays have become tame through millions of tourists feeding them. You can snorkel or scuba different areas of this site through half a dozen water sports operators offering excursions there.

Stingray City has annually been hailed the “best 12-foot dive in the world’, while the nearby Sandbar, which is only waist deep, offers an equally exciting alternative for non divers and families with children. A number of different trips to Stingray City and the Sandbar are available. There are half day and full day snorkel trips to the Sandbar and nearby coral reef, and full diving excursions to Stingray City. You should take with you: towels, and sun block, (masks and snorkels are usually provided on the boat). Food and drinks are usually also included in full day excursions, as well as squid to feed the rays! Don’t forget your disposable waterproof cameras for this experience of a lifetime!

Daily tours and excursions to Stingray City are offered by a group of native Caymanian Captains who have fished, snorkeled and dived in the Cayman waters for several generations. We encourage you contact one of the following water sports operators:

Capt Marvin’s
Kelly’s Water sports
Native Way
Bayside Water sports
Black Princess Charters
Captain Asley
Captain Bryan’s
345-949-0038 or 916-2093
Captain Don’s Cayman Diver Ltd.
Cayman Delight
Charter Boat Headquarters
Clinton’s Water sports
345-949-1016 or 916-5234
Crosby’s Water sports
Dallas’ Water sports
Gleason’s Water sports
345-916-1502 or 945-2666
Fantasea Tours
Fly Fisher
Frank’s Water sports
Island Girl Charters
Oh Boy Charters
Planet Ocean
Quabo Dive
White Rose Charters

What about groceries?
You are allowed to bring groceries into the Islands. However, we have very well stocked supermarkets, (Foster's Food Fair, Hurley's Supermarket, Kirk's Supermarket), a local farmers' market in Grand Cayman and numerous mini marts and Gas station service marts where you can purchase groceries.

What about hurricanes?
Visit our Weather Page
The Atlantic Hurricane season starts June 1st and ends officially on November 30th. The Cayman Islands is located in the far Western Caribbean, 480 miles south of Miami, 150 miles south of Cuba, 180 miles Northwest of Jamaica and more than 1,000 miles West of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands.

The Caribbean is a large region and most storms have shown a tendency to veer to the Northwest (towards the US Mainland) long before reaching the far Western Caribbean area. Consequently, the Cayman Islands has generally been spared the full wrath of devastating hurricanes. The last occurred in 1932, and the most recent brushes which caused some property damage, were Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, which passed 30 miles south of Grand Cayman, and Hurricane Mitch in 1998 passing about 200 miles to the south.

Will it rain while I am there?
Visit our Weather Page
The year divides into two seasons, the summer or "rainy" season, generally from mid-May through October, moving into the winter or "dry" season, from November to April. March and April are our driest months and May and October are traditionally the highest rainfall months.

This of course, does not mean that it rains constantly during either of those months, but reflects the trend within our region. Being in a tropical zone, it is not unusual to have brief afternoon showers during the summer, and, at certain times, brief morning sprinkles too. Similar to most West Indian Islands, rainfall tends to be higher in the western sections.

What about the heat? Visit our Weather Page
The average temperature in the winter is 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees in the summer. Winter or summer, the temperature generally stays within the range of 70 - 90 degrees. The months with the least humidity and lowest temperatures are December through April, February occasionally recording night-time temperatures in the mid 60's, and March probably being the most "temperate" month of the year. We should also point out that most properties offer air-conditioned rooms, and the seasonal trade winds in our region help to make our islands even more enjoyable.

Why is Cayman's diving so good?
There are a lot of reasons. First of all we aren't mountainous and don't have rivers, so we don't have run-off into the oceans, inhibiting reef development. Second, all three Cayman Islands are actually submerged mountains tops so we have incredible walls all around the islands, reaching in some areas 20,000 feet or more in depth! Third, we have always been very conscious of our precious resource and guarded it by establishing Marine Parks, limiting fishing, virtually spear fishing, outlawing anchoring, educating divers and self-policing the behavior of our dive operations.

Click on the PDF graphic symbol beside the file of your choice to view. Depending upon how you have your browser and computer set up, you may be asked to download the file to your computer or the file may open automatically in a new browser window.

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Diving Brochures
Cayman Islands Dive Guide 5.4MB
Cayman Islands Dive Brochure 137k
What is Bloody Bay Marine Park?
It is a diver's paradise just off the north shore of Little Cayman. The park contains the world famous Bloody Bay Wall which is certainly worth protecting. Also, in the same marine park is Jackson's Wall. Jackson's Wall is home to many favorite dive site too.

Where can I find Internet or email access on the Islands?
Access is available at the following places on Grand Cayman:
Pirates Den Restaurant at tel: (345) 949-7144, fax: (345) 949-9093 or email: pdspub@candw.ky
Chelsea's Sports Bar & Billiards at tel: (345) 949-8042
Cable & Wireless (CI) Ltd. at tel: (345) 949-7800 or fax: (345) 949- 5472
There is currently no public access available on Cayman Brac or Little Cayman

Are there Public buses?
There is a daily bus service which runs from 6 am until midnight depending on the route and the day of travel. The bus fare also depends on the route and varies between CI$1.50 to CI$3.00 per person.

What if I get sick? Visit our Info after Reservations Page
The Government of the Cayman Islands has recently completed the expansion of its main hospital into a large Health Services Complex located in George Town, Grand Cayman. It boasts modern equipment and facilities, in addition to an increased number of highly trained personnel. A 24 hour hyperbaric decompression chamber is available for divers and an air ambulance service for other emergencies. The telephone number is (345) 949-8600. There is also a private hospital currently under construction and a number of other private facilities that offer a variety of professional medical services.

In Cayman Brac, there is the government hospital, Faith Hospital. The number is (345) 948-2243/2245. There is a small clinic in Little Cayman that can be reached at (345) 948-1051.

Where can I exercise while I am in the Cayman Islands?
A number of Resorts and Condominiums have gym facilities available to their guests. In addition, you can contact any of the following fitness centre on Grand Cayman for rates and times.
New Image Health Club at telephone number (345) 949-7016
Fitness Connection at telephone number (345) 949-8485
World Gym Fitness Center at telephone number (345) 949-5132

Can we camp in the Cayman Islands?
Visitors are not permitted to camp on the Cayman Islands as there are no designated Camp sites. The Cayman Islands offer a wide variety of accommodations to suit any budget.

Are there nude beaches or nude bathing?
You will not find any nude beaches in the Cayman Islands in fact, please note that the Cayman Islands Law prohibits all forms of public nudity, including topless sunbathing. Many business places also request that you wear shoes and an appropriate cover-up before entering.

Any Casinos?
No. We do not have any casinos in the Cayman Islands. Gambling on the islands is prohibited by law.

What is the legal drinking age?
18 years and older. Our Rum punches can pack a punch, so please remember no drinking and driving.

Do you have your own currency?
Yes we do! The Cayman Islands currency was first issued in 1972. The basic unit is the dollar, issued in notes with denominations of CI$100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 and coins valued at 25 cents, 10, 5 and 1 cent. CI$1.00 equals US$1.25 or, the US dollar equals CI $.80. The US currency is acceptable and used on Grand Cayman. All establishments accept the US dollars.

Is the US dollar accepted there & what is the exchange rate?
Yes it is widely accepted throughout the islands. CI$1.00 equals US$1.25 or, the US dollar equals CI $.80. This rate may also vary on the company / business doing the exchange.

Where can I go banking or open an account?
Banking information can be obtained from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority at cima@cimoney.com.ky or c.scotland@cimoney.com.ky.
You can also visit their web site at www.cimoney.com.ky.

What is there for my kids to do?  Visit our Kids Stuff Page
They will enjoy the various water sports like the banana boats, two person parasailing or discovering our fantastic marine world through snorkeling and swimming with colorful tropical fish. Adolescents over 12 years can also learn to dive! View our amazing underwater reefs in submarines, semi-submersibles and glass bottom boats. Not to be missed is our famous Stingray City snorkel trip where everyone becomes a child at heart swimming with tamed southern stingrays in their natural habitat, the open sea.

There is the Cayman Turtle Farm located in West Bay where you can find many different species, sizes and ages of turtles in addition to indigenous animals and birds. US$6 for adults and no admission fee for children under 6 years.

For younger kids, Cardinal D's park houses many animals indigenous to the Cayman Islands and allows children to feed the animals. Other activities include mini-golf, a ferry ride to Rum Point, a visit to the Cayman Islands Museum, and the multi-media theatre at Pedro St. James Historic Site. For kids 10 years and older Horseback riding is available, as well as cycling, golf and tennis.

Some hotels also host Kid camps for children under the age of 12. If you are visiting our National Festival Pirates Weeks there are numerous activities for children

Where can I play Golf?  Visit our Golfing Page
There are two golf courses in the Cayman Islands, both located on Grand Cayman. The Britannia Golf Course is a unique 18 hole executive with par 3's and 4's. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday mornings the course is played Executive format. Otherwise it is played as a very challenging 9 hole regulation course (twice for 18 if you so desire).

The course is usually played with regular golf balls, however the Cayman Ball (that travels half the distance of a normal ball) was specially developed by course designer Jack Nicklaus with the executive course in mind to give golfers the feel of playing a regulation course on an executive layout. Some visitors like to try their hand at this very different experience!

The Links at Safe Haven is a par 71, 18 hole championship layout, measuring 6,525 yards and featuring Caribbean trade winds in a natural setting reminiscent of an old Scottish links. Home to the Caribbean Amateur Championships in 1997, and winner of the 1998 Best Golf Course in the Caribbean Award by Caribbean World magazine, the Links is beautifully landscaped with native plants and trees, offering scenic views of the North Sound. Its North Sound signature hole, a par 3, hole number 11, is a humbling 235 yards from the tips played into strong Caribbean trade winds. Ample practice putting greens, bunkers and an aqua driving range complete this golf experience.

Both the Britannia and the Links are open to the public every day, offering clubhouse facilities, full bar and refreshment cart service. Handicap cards are only required for tournaments.

Can we get married in the Islands?  Visit our Wedding & Honeymoon Page
Couples can marry the day they arrive in the Cayman Islands, including visitors arriving by cruise ship. You must first arrange for a marriage officer within the Cayman Islands and apply for a special marriage license for non-residents granted by the Governor. Contact the Deputy Chief Secretary's office for more information.

What if we just want to renew our vows?
All you would need is a marriage officer and your proof of marriage. All other details relating to your special moment can be arranged at your discretion.

What festivals are celebrated in the Islands? Visit our Festivals Page
Pirates Week
The end of October is a very exciting time to be visiting Grand Cayman. Our National Pirates Week Festival is celebrated at that time. The festivities usual start with the first of many fireworks displays viewed best from Hog Sty Bay in George Town. There is a spectacular parade through George Town, heritage days throughout the week, costume contests, music, street dances, food festivals and sporting events during the ten day celebration! The celebration features many activities for children.

Batabano Carnival
Since its humble beginnings in 1984 as a community event which closed the tourism season, Rotary's Batabano Carnival has grown to become one of the Cayman Islands' most popular National Tourism Attractions. This carnival draws thousands of residents and visitors out into the streets to enjoy the music and dancing of the Mas' (short for Masquerade). With over 500 costumed participants in the Mas' , Batabano's Street Parade is a wonderfully colorful spectacle enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.

How can I get to the Sister Islands? Visit out Airlines Page
You can book passage for Inter-island Travel from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman through Island Air at telephone number 345-949-5252, fax number 345-949-7044 or by email air@candw.ky. Cayman Airways also offers a 737 jet service from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac. The toll free number is 1-800-327-8777 and in the Cayman Islands (345) 949-8200.
Just give me a call!
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Robert Wagner
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